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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Hey everyone, quick update! I’ve started posting my new sets and updates on Facebook, so head on over to check things out. Just uploaded a fantastic weapons set I took while in Paris, so it should be a great resource for those of you doing prop designs. 


I’ve added a creative commons license for all the images on this site
and here are the points you need to know:

- Usage in commercial work IS allowed: you can use it for reference (directly painting the image is fine),
for your photo manipulations, for textures and anything else you want
to sell. You just need to link back to my site and mention that it was
my work that you used.
- You CANNOT simply take the image as it is and sell it as it is. I do
NOT have the rights to the likeness of the model. I have the rights to
just the image itself as it is on my site.
- Redistributing the images in their original form WITHOUT profit is
perfectly fine. I'd love it if you used it in a classroom setting or
as demo examples or just to spread the word. Save it to your computer
for personal use! Again, all I ask is a link back to the site if you
are posting it elsewhere on the internet.
- Obviously, do not take credit for my work, but I haven't had any
problems with that so far. You guys have been really great.

I hope that's clearer for everyone that's been asking questions
regarding the usage of the images on this site. Thanks! -Hong Ly


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